DS-P Valve Cap

Checking air pressure and filling made easy, no unscrewing of the valve cap necessary

The valve cap saves time and money
Now also available for rubber, metal and aluminum valves for car, transporter, commercial vehicle and bicycle wheels.
Not for motorcycles with valves in the direction of the centrifugal force!

The DS-P valve cap

  • saves time
  • saves money
  • prevents dirty fingers
  • does not get lost
  • assures increased safety
  • is suitable for rubber, metal and aluminium valves for car, transporter, commercial vehicle and bicycle wheels 
 Easy and convenient tire pressure check witH ALLIGATOR DS-P Valve Caps ALLIGATOR DS-P Valve Caps allows for quick tire pressure checks.  ALLIGATOR DS-P VALVE Caps protect tire valves from dirt and corrosion 

The DS-P valve cap on CVVEasy — A clever combination
The CVVEasy is a brilliant alternative to screw-type valves that are difficult to install in the appropriate length when the valve hole does not offer a sufficient contact surface or difficult geometries on the wheel make the use of an installation tool impossible.

In combination with the new DS-P valve cap, the CVV31 has a total length of 47 mm. As a result, it enables pressure checks and adjustment without unscrewing the valve cap and it is outstandingly suited for small transport vehicles and RVs.

Part number Description Packaging Unit
330770 DS-P valve cap 50 pieces/pack
530060 CWEasy valve + DS-P valve cap 100 pieces/pack


 DS-P Valve Cap on Snap-In Rubber Valve Cut-view of an ALLIGATOR DS-P Valve Cap  DS-P Valve Cap on CVV EASY Valve 
 DS-P valve cap on Snap-In rubber valve    DS-P valve cap on CVVEasy valve


ALLIGATOR V2B DS-P Double Seal Cap