Mounting Information for Tire Valves

The rim

  • The hole for the valve has to be round and should not be oval. Diameter 11.3 ± 0.4 mm.
  • The rim hole has to be without groins and damages,and has to be in accordance with the regulations of ETRTO.
  • Rim thickness at least 1.8 mm (Maximum rim thickness: 4 mm)
  • Maximum bending: 25°. Use existing wheel cap to avoid too extensive bending. Otherwise install a metal valve, if possible. 
  • DO NOT FORGET VALVE CAP; it protects against dirt and corrosion.

Operating conditions

  • Maximum recommended speed when using Snap-In valves: 210 kmh (130 mph). For higher speed, use metal valves. If this is not possible  use valve carrier or support
  • Maximum operating pressure for Snap-In valves (at ambient temperature): 4.5 bar (65 psi). Attention: tire air pressure increases with a rise in tire temperature!
  • At an operating pressure of more than 7 bar (101.5 psi) , use metal valves which are able to work up to 14 bar (203 psi).


  • Use a suitable valve mounting tool (retraction tool)
  • During the mounting process, please do not stretch Snap-In valves more than 10 mm. to avoid damages.
  • The retraction of the valve has to take place axially to the valve hole; do not tilt.
  • For a safe and simple mounting of Snap-In valves, please use soap and water or a mounting paste.