ONE Premium Line

The new ONE Premium Line
The best sensor and valve technology to address the premium market

 Download Coverage Chart for North America Rev89D (February 2019) ONE Dual Frequency Clamp-in Valve and Sensor (590886) ONE Dual Frequency Snap-in Valve and Sensor (590887)

Sensor/Valve Plus Alligator PT1 Programming Pad Promo Pack 

Sensor/Valve Plus Alligator AVT46/OBDII Connector Promo Pack

 Key Customer Values of ONE

  • ONE sensor for all automotive brands (over 98% coverage)
  • ONE sensor to reduce inventory
  • ONE sensor for both frequencies (315MHz and 433MHz)
  • ONE sensor with Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • ONE sensor for all wheel designs and colors ONE with Rubber Snap-in Valve
Technical Facts
  • Lowest sensor weight and smallest design
  • Best corrosion-resistance valve performance
  • Supports all technical features of OE sensors (e.g. Easy Fill Tire Alert)
  • Supports all autolocation methods (WAL and ABS Autolocation)
  • Silver, grey, black and chrome valve options
  • Robust and fast wireless programming process (in-tire and on-desk) ONE with Clamp-in Valve ONE RS
Target market Premium Standard
Sensor type 2 4
Snap-in valve option
Clamp-in valve option
Dual-frequency sensor (315 MHZ and 433 MHz)
315 MHz sensor: clamp-in, snap-in
433 MHz sensor: clamp-in, snap-in
Sensor (clamp-in) weight 0.35 oz 0.63 oz
Sensor (snap-in) weight 0.32 oz 0.49 oz
Vehicle coverage > 98% > 98%
Single-step mounting