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 Download Coverage Chart for North America Rev89D (February 2019) 315MHz Clamp-in | 433MHz 315MHz Snap-in | 433MHz Snap-in

Sensor/Valve Plus Alligator PT1 Programming Pad Promo Pack 

Sensor/Valve Plus Alligator AVT46/OBDII Connector Promo Pack

Key Customer Values of RS

  • Highest market coverage for all automotive brands
  • Unique online programming capability with real-time, free updates
  • Only four sensor options on stock
  • Fits all wheel designs and colors
  • Compatible with leading programming and TPMS diagnostic tools

Competitive Advantage

  • World class technical customer support
  • OE Valve ISO/TS 16949 Quality made in Germany
  • Online programming capability with real-time, free updates
  • Compatible with all programming and TPMS diagnostic tools
  • Compatible with all Alligator TPMS ball-joint valves
  • Most easy and reliable valve assembly

Technical Facts

  • Reliable and robust Sensor design – sold over one million times
  • Best corrosion-resistance valve performance
  • 315 and 433 MHz sensor options
  • Supports all autolocation methods (WAL and ABS autolocation)
  • Silver, grey, black and chrome valve options
  • Robust and fast wireless programming process (in-tire and on-desk)
  • Supports all technical features of OE sensors (e.g. Easy Fill Tire Alert) ONE RS
Target market Premium Standard
Sensor type 2 4
Snap-in valve option
Clamp-in valve option
Dual-frequency sensor (315 MHZ and 433 MHz)
315 MHz sensor
433 MHz sensor
Sensor (clamp-in) weight 0.35 oz 0.63 oz
Sensor (snap-in) weight 0.32 oz 0.49 oz
Vehicle coverage > 98% > 98%
Single-step mounting

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