Sensors and Valves plus AVT46 /OBDII connector Package

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SENS.IT Promotional Package includes 12 TPMS sensors/valves plus a AVT46 Tester/Relearn Tool with OBDII Connector:

  • (4) x 315 MHz clamp-in sensor/valve 590882 
  • (4) x 315 MHz snap-in sensor/valve 590880 
  • (2) x 433 MHz clamp-in sensor/valve 590883 
  • (2) x 433 MHz snap-in sensor/valve 590881 
  • (1) x Alligator AVT46 with FREE updates (5 years) 030214
  • (1) x OBDII connector 030215

Alligator AVT46 with OBDII Connector 

Alligator AVT46 with OBDII Connector is a TPMS tool for Alligator activation, programming, and ECU reset

  • retain all relearn information in one place
  • Versatile with optional OBD module
  • Displays all sensor data in seconds including: ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, battery status, and more!
  • Lookup vehicles by make, model, and year
  • Checks remote keyless entry signal
  • Frequent database updates via PC desktop software
  • the optional OBDII module gives access to OBD relearns for 60% of all car models worldwide

Replacement sensors that make the most sense!

Pre-programmed sensors may seem handy, but look at how many you need to stock! With programmables, just four blank sensors cover up to 97% of your needs. That's up to 10% more vehicles than other programmable brands.

  • Just-in time programming reduces inventory
  • All updates are in software; sensors never grow obsolete
  • Activated in seconds with all major TPMS tools

Download Coverage Chart for North America Rev89D (February 2019)