TPMS Sensors

ALLIGATOR - The UNIVERSAL TPMS solution for professionals to lower inventory, reduce relearn expense and errors while reducing customer wait time. With only four sensors ALLIGATOR covers 98 % of all vehicles. The sensors come with either a frequency of  315 MHz & 433 MHz are available in a snap in or clamp in valve version.

ALL ALLIGATOR sensors can be (re)programmed multiple times. In order to program an ALLIGATOR sensor you must use either an ALLIGATOR Programming Pad or a TPMS programming and diagnostic tool of any of the leading suppliers.



Please use VIN search or Make/Model look-up in application to verify coverage
The coverage list is for both 315 MHz and 433 MHz parts
Some vehicles may be equipped with both 315 MHz and 433 MHz in the same model year
Please contact the free Technical Helpline for any questions at 1-855-573-6748 or